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Alternative Broadband Access
For those in rural and remote areas where the traditional broadband providers haven't served help is coming from new providers using new technologies to bring an end to the days of being stuck with dial up
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Improving WiFi Performance

If your Wireless network drops out or performs poorly then there is are things that can be done to get your connection work faster and stay connected
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E-Mail Scams
These are the mose common scams that sleazeballs use to separate us from our money
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Introduction To Home Networking
Setting up a router, to share Internet access files and printers
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Public WiFi Security
Keeping private data private is a challenge using a WiFi hotspot, here's why and what you can do about it
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Solving Common WiFi Woes
In just the past decade WiFi has become the standard connection to the
Internet for many of the computers and other Internet enabled devices
in most households and offices. The days of running and
occasionally tripping over Ethernet cables are long in the
past.  From time to time WiFi breakdowns can send
peoples' computers, tablets, and smartphones from networking
to not working.  Many problems that can cause WiFi networks to slow down or lose connection can be easily remedied.
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What You Need To Know About Upgrading to 802.11AC
Not so long ago there may have been a laptop computer maybe a couple on WiFi in most homes. Today there are multiple smartphones, tablets, smart TV's and BluRay players as well as video game systems. Having so many devices can choke many WiFi networks to a stand still.
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Digital Television Help for Canadians
The Digital Television Conversion that happened in the United States in June 2009 will be coming North of the 49th in August 2011, here's help to get ready

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Making A VCR Work With Digital Television
The conversion to digital television broadcasting may not have left VCR users out in the cold, using a DTV converter box will make the VCR work in the DTV age.

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Guide To DVD Media

Various DVD formats from DVD-R, DVD+R to DVD-RAM, and how to choose the best disk for the purpose

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Choosing A Game Console
PS3 Wii or 360 Which one in Right for me?

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Building a Homebrew PVR
Turn an older PC into a personal video recorder and stop paying Tivo fees

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Connecting Classic Game Consoles to Modern TV's
How to Play an Atari, Intellivision or Colecovision on a Modern flat screen TV, and leave that old tube behind

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Playing Songs Purchased From iTunes On The Nintendo DSi
iPods are not the only portable devices that can play songs from Apple's iTunes Music Store, Here's how to do it with Nintendo's DSi

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TiVo vs. Cable/Satellite PVR's/DVR's
Watching recorded TV shows with a VCR has virtually gone the way of the 8-Track tape. Back in the late 1990's a little company called TiVo redefined the record now to watch later experience. In the years since cable and satellite providers brought out non-tape recorders most commonly referred to as personal video recorders (PVR's) or Digital Video Recorders (DVR's).

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Canada's Digital TV Stations That Are Not Carried On Satellite
With the digital TV transition in Canada set for August 31st, many people who subscribe satellite TV are being told that they will not be affected when they actually are because there local TV stations are not carried on satellite TV and will need to take action continue receiving local channels that satellite carriers don't provide.

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What TV Specifications Really Mean
In years gone by buying a TV was simple, just pick the TV set that fits the room and the budget and buy it.  In todays era of flat panel HDTV's reading the specification sheets can feel like reading a foreign language, this guide will help decipher the geek speak on the spec sheet.

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The Basics of Television Display Technologies
In the first half century that television sets have been a permanent fixture in our homes there was nothing but cathode ray tubes to display the moving images that viewers stared at It all started to change in the late 1990's when Plasma panels and digital light projection sets made their way into living rooms. For today the options for between display technologies can may buying a television difficult to say the least.  Knowing how each type of display works and the advantages and disadvantages is the best way of know which kind of television is right for you.

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Over The Air TV Reception Tips

In the few years there has been a resurgence in popularity of a technology that was once considered to be dead.  Since the conversion to digital broadcasting in the United States in June 2009 viewers of over the air television has grown by thousands.  Many in the largest cities can get excellent reception just with set top antennas, for most getting the best picture may need assistance picking the right antenna and pointing it to get the strongest signals. 
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Connecting Even More Classic Game Consoles to Modern TV's
How to Play a Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 or Original Playstation on a Modern flat screen TV, and leave that old tube behind

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Digital Parenting
Cyberbullying in Online Gaming Networks
One of childhood's most troublesome challenges has moved online much like everything else in life.  Bullying once just happened on the schoolyard now happens outside of school hours on the Internet.  Social networks have become the most common place that Cyberbullying is happening.  Girls have been the targeted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by cyber bullies but boys end up on the receiving end as well but more likely to be bullied on online video game networks such as Xbox Live and Playstation Network. 
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Home Entertainment Technology

Introduction To Cord Cutting

In the few years since the major economic downturn, many thousands have found alternatives to traditional cable and satellite TV services to cut the cost to watch TV.  Using a combination of over the air broadcast, Internet streaming and Free to air satellite, watching TV can cost a fraction that people typically pay to watch TV. 

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Don't Like The Cost Of HD Programming, Consider The Free Alternative

Millions of old fashioned tube TV's have been retired in the past few years,  replaced by shiny new flat panel sets.  Most of those LCD and Plasma TV's have been relegated to showing standard definition programming.  Thees days it's there it's cost of HD programming that many owners of HDTV's watching their favorite shows in standard definition.  Relief from the high cost of high definition is now coming from a technology once considered to be long since antiquated. The move from analog to digital over the air television broadcasting brought free HD programming tothe majority of Canadians living in urban areas, all that's needed is a TV antenna.  

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Online Life Green Tech
Behavior To Keep You Safe Online
Spyware, Viruses & Worms are everywhere online, Anti-Virus programs and firwalls help keep you safe but the best defense is what you do online to prevent getting infected
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Buying & Selling Online Without Getting Scammed

No matter if you are using eBay or online classifieds to buy or sell goods you need or want, there is always those out there looking to take you pocket book for a ride,  learn how to spot the shady operators and how not to become a victim of a scam.
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Social Networking Safety
Using Social Networking web sites like Facebook and Myspace are a fun way to connect with old and new friends, but there can be danger involoved with not so outstanding users of these web sites.  Here's how to enjoy social networking web sites safely
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Why Do I get so Much Spam
E-Mail spam seems to be an ever growing problem even with more and more sopisticated filtering systems that try as well as it can to keep the junk out of our inboxes.  Here's how spammers get your e-mail address  and how to keep any future e-mail accounts spam free.
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School/Workplace Web blocking
Understand how and why certain web sites are blocked at school or work and why it's best to do personal web surfing on personal time at home
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25 Things Geeks Can Do To Go Green
Simple changes that we can do when we use technology that can Reduce waste, reduce energy usage to reduce pollution and clean the world.
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Geek on the Cheap
How To Put Your Smartphone On A Data Diet
One of todays' most popular high tech gadgets are smartphones. With millions sold every year, owners by the millions have learned the hard and a very expensive lesson about what happens when more data is used than what a data plan allows. There are settings that can adjusted to help reduce how much data a smartphone devours that will help save data and money.
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Is It Possible To Unbundle And Save Money
Due to circumstances from tough economic times in recent years or by choice, people are looking at ways to spend less home phone, cable or satellite TV and Internet service.  Getting one or more of these services through alternative means can provide cost savings greater than buying the bundle from a cable TV or telephone company.
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Buy Your Own Cable Box And Save
Watching TV in recent years has been greatly enhanced by features provided by cable operators high definition programming, video on demand and a ever growing menu of channels are features that most TV viewers love but one thing that most cable subscribers hate are cable box rental fees. The easiest way to get away from the expensive sting of cable box rental fee is to buy your own cable box(es).
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Should You Dump Your Wireline Phone
The biggest trend in personal communications has been a shift away from traditional landline telephone service towards using a cell phone as
the only phone that many people use.  Traditional wireline
phones are seen as a device with limited useful purpose and a easy
sacrifice to help households as a way to cut down expenses.
The choice to dump old fashioned analog telephone service comes down of a few factors, calling habits, lifestyle and financial
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How To Get The Best Value Renewing Your Cell Phone Contract

Despite the high cost of cellular service most people couldn't imagine modern life without their smartphones.  When your contract with your cellular carrier comes up for renewal is the perfect time to reign in the cost to subscribe to cellular service.  When a cellular carriers changes their service plans they will try put you the subscriber on a plan that costs you more or provides you with a lower level of service.  The cellular carriers will renew your contract in a way that they benefits them not you.

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Digital Budget Boosters For College and University Students

As the leaves start to make their annual change of colour thousands
start a new journey through higher learning. As new challenges in the
classrooms of colleges and universities begin again the financial
challenges of post secondary begin again too.
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Digital Photography Personal Technology
Getting The Best Prints From Your Digital Pictures
Getting prints that are equivient to those produced by a photo lab at home can be a challenge.  It come down to using the right printer, the right inks and the right paper.

Installing An Internal Card Reader
Just about every brand new PC comes with slots for inserting memory cards.  For those who have a PC that's a few years old that may not have a built in card reader, it can be added.
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Using An iPhone On A Regional Carrier
Subscribing to a regional cell phone carrier may not lock you out of using Apple's iPhone
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The Hidden Dangers of Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking an iPhone or iPod Touch may add to what it can do but there is a hidden downside
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How Do Canada's New Cell Carriers Stack Up
For many looking to the new competition entering Canada's cellular phone industry to provide lower prices and better technology but don't know which carrier will provide the service they want for price that is better than the incumbents.  Here's the rundown on new cell carriers and what they have to offer.
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