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Put Your Smartphone On A Data Diet

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Slimmed iPhoneOne of todays' most popular high tech gadgets are smartphones. With millions sold every year, owners by the millions have learned the hard and a very expensive lesson about what happens when more data is used than what a data plan allows. There are settings that can adjusted to help reduce how much data a smartphone devours that will help save data and money.

1. Turn off app auto updates: When apps are allowed to update themselves automatically the newest latest versions of the apps people use are always loaded on peoples’ smartphones. If a user has twenty five apps using an average of two megabytes per app even updating just once a month updating those apps will add fifty megabytes of usage if all those updates are downloaded when WiFi is not available.

2. Turn off or Use airplane mode at night: When you are not using your smartphone for hours at a time such as while sleeping your smartphone downloads e-mails, updates from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Turning off your smartphone at night will eliminate these checks at night saving megabytes and money. Of course after turning on your smartphone in the morning it will check e-mails and social networking sites and do just one download of current e-mails and one updates from social networks.

3. Download and archive online video for later viewing: One of the most popular activities people do on their phones that can stretch even the most generous data plans beyond the limits is watching online video. Using programs like YouTube video downloader on a PC to download and transfer onto the phone for later viewing.

4. Turn off location based services when not needed: Smart phones have basic GPS receivers built in that use both information provided by cellular networks as well as signals from GPS satellites. The GPS receiver in your smartphone only establishes your location the maps, satellite photos are downloaded using what ever Internet connection is available. Downloading maps in the background can use dozens of megabytes even when mapping apps are not even being used.

5. Keep Wi-Fi on when the screen is turned off: One of Android’s secret settings that cellular carriers love is that by Android by default shuts off Wi-Fi when the screen goes blank after that period of inactivity. What ever downloads in the background while the screen is blank is transferred using the Cellular network. To change the setting so that the Wi-Fi stays on even when the screen is off to to the Settings by pressing the menu button and select Wireless & networks then touch on Wi-Fi settings press the menu button and touch on Advanced then touch on Wi-Fi sleep policy from the list that appears change the setting from ‘When screen turns off’ to ‘Never’ that will keep your Wi-Fi turned on data that is downloaded in the background is downloaded over your local Wi-Fi connection and not over your cellular carrier’s network.

6. Switch to Airplane mode when using Ad Supported Apps: Playing that free edition of Angry Birds comes with one requirement that keeps Angry Birds and all other games that are free to download free, watching advertising while using free apps. Free apps download new ads while they are running even if they are running in the background. Switching to airplane mode to use these apps forces most of these apps to shows pre-cached advertisements when there is no Internet connection available. When you are done using free apps make sure that they are no longer running in the Android task manager.


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