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Is It Possible To Unbundle And Save Money

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Due to circumstances from tough economic times in recent years or by choice, people are looking at ways to spend less home phone, cable or satellite TV and Internet service.  This is well known by the telephone and cable TV companies.  The cable and telco’s offer discounts to consumers if they bundle their TV, telephone and Internet service that they subscribe to.  This creates a sort of customer loyalty at knife point.  The more service a customer subscribes to the less likely they are to switch to another provider if offered a better deal.  While it is true that buying three different services from two or three providers will cost more than buying the bundle bundle of TV, Telephone and Internet from a single provider getting one or more of these services through alternative means can provide cost savings greater than buying the bundle from a cable TV or telephone company.

Make Your Cell Your Only Phone:  For many young adults setting off on their own for the first time, a good number of them their new homes will not include a home phone, they will only subscribe to cell phone service.  For the younger generation a home phone that only does phone calls may seem pointless, for the rest of us this could serve as an example.  For light to moderate phone use foregoing traditional wireline telephone service and using a cell phone only is a great way to save money.  For the heavy long distance talker, long distance plans available with home phone service provide a lower per minute price than what they would pay if they were using the equivalent long distance on a cell phone.  

Long distance junkies can get substantial savings by switching from their traditional home phone service to an Internet based phone service such as MagicJack, Vonage or one of the many other similar service.  Paying for service that cost from just a couple of dollars, up to twenty four dollars per month Internet telephony users enjoy free calling features such as caller ID, Voice mail, call waiting and many others as well as unlimited calling within the United States and Canada, and low per minute rates to call foreign countries around the world.  Using a little box that connects a telephone to a high speed Internet connection, bypassing the analog circuit switched world of the telephone company and their per minute charges and expensive fees for popular calling features.

Cutting the Cable:  In just the past couple of years the cost of cable and satellite TV has escalated to the point where millions have sought low cost and no cost alternatives provided by through digital over the air signals transmitted by TV stations themselves and online streaming video services such as YouTube, Hulu Plus, and NetFlix.  The cord cutting trend started a few years ago when traditional television broadcasting made the leap into the digital world, since then popular programs from the conventional broadcast networks were made available in high definition completely free of charge, the only thing needed is an antenna.  Cable and satellite TV providers still attract subscribers and their money with personal video recorders, TiVo is one popular solution to provide personal video recorder to over the air TV viewers.  

Consider the Third Party:  Most consumers buy broadband Internet service from the telephone company or the cable company.  What the vast majority of Internet subscribers are not even aware of is that there are hundreds of companies that buy broadband access at a wholesale from telephone and cable companies and resell to consumers and businesses at a price that is lower than the retail rates charged by telephone and cable companies.  Finding these alternative Internet providers isn’t as easy as picking up the phone book.  Finding these alternative ISP’s often takes researching on sites such as broadband reports.  Buying broadband service from a third party provider may more bandwidth at a price that is the same or lower than what the local cable or telephone company.  

Seeking alternative to traditional cable TV, telephone and broadband service in order to save money research the options in your area.  If looking at replacing cable or satellite TV with over the air and online streaming services check to make sure that Internet service providers are offering at least 10 mbps or more to allow for more than one TV in the home to access two or more streams of high definition video.  Using the Internet for telephone and television services that are an alternative to traditional telephone and cable TV can be a smart way to potentially save money but all it takes is substantial amount of bandwidth at an affordable price.


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