The Basics of Long Term Evolution (LTE)

When it seems that cell phone and mobile computing technologies are merging at amazing pace. It seemed that once most people got used to texting on their cell phones, those phones gave way to smartphones and tasks that needed to be done on a computer could now be done on an iPhone, Blackberry or Android device. The next change that in mobile computing and communications will be similar to the change from analog to digital cellular networks that did away with the days of talking into a brick with an antenna attached inthe late 1990's. The GSM and CDMA networks we use today are set to give way to a new standard technology to power the cellular phones and networks in the next few years.   Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the technology that is set to become the standard for fourth generation wireless networks within the next few years. 

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Rare Collectable Video Game Accessories

Ever since the early days of home video game consoles there has been an endless supply of accessories from both the manufacturers of game systems and hundreds of third party suppliers. While classic game systems becoming collectible now, game accessories should be even more collectible since most accessories are largely considered to be disposable.

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The Next Generation of Next Generation Game Consoles

The current generation of game console, now more than four since introduction is now at about the half way point it their life cycles.  While there are years of life ahead for the Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox 360, there is many who are looking a head of what the next generation of game systems will have to offer.  Despite what Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft say officially, the next game systems are being developed now.

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The Hidden Dangers of Jailbreaking

One of the most popular things to do with popular gadgets is hacking them. Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch are the most popular gadgets to hack so much so that hacks on iPhone and iPod touch have it’s own name. Jailbreaking is what it is called when an iPod touch or iPhone is altered to work in a way other than how Apple or AT&T designed it to work. Jailbreaking has become popular for those looking to unlock iPhones from the AT&T or some other carrier, in order to use it with another carrier. For those looking to connect their iPhone to their computers to use the iPhone a modem that uses the cellular networks to connect to the Internet the only way to do this through Jailbreaking.  For a certain number of owners of the iPod touch, having access to thousands of applications through the Apple’s app store isn’t good enough and jailbreaking the iPod touch. For iPod touch and iPhone users who jailbreak face a number of risks associated with jailbreaking, most noteable is the risk that comes from directly from Apple which will brick any iPod Touch or iPhone

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Really Collectable Retro Game Consoles

In the thirty year history of the console gaming industry the push towards better systems has come around every five to seven years. For a segment of gamers who are pushing 40, as a way of recapturing memories of days gone by in their youth they are collecting the old game consoles. Atari 2600’s original Nintendo Entertainment Systems and Even Sega Master Systems are much in demand. Most of these systems are still relatively common and can picked up cheaply at garage sales, second-hand shops and on eBay.

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Classic Collectable Computers

One of the most used analogies in the technology industry compares computers to cars to illustrate how far computers have come in terms of speed and energy efficiency. There is another analogy that needs to be made that compares cars to computers. Computers have been a disposable commodity, simply tossed away when found to be no longer useful, it’s not quite that way with cars. While most cars are relegated to the junk yard after their days on the roads are done one of the most popular hobbies in car culture is restoring classic cars. Most computer models and computer companies that failed deserve to remain a faded memory, but there are those that were considered to be groundbreaking, while others were oddities that were just odd. Here’s just a brief list of the most collectable computers.

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What Canadians Need To Know About Digital Television (DTV)

Undoubtedly, many Canadians while watching American network affiliates on their cable or satellite service have seen the announcements proclaiming that in February 2009 that older TV’s will go to static if they do not get a converter box.  For who use an antenna as their only source of television signals this is true.  Over the air television broadcasting is in the middle of a transition from traditional analog signals to digital.  The roll out of digital TV started later in Canada Analog TV stations will have until August of 2011 to make the switch to digital.

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Patent Trolling and the Tech Industry

For every new technology that sets the world on its ear, there is somebody out there who thinks they can cash in on a questionably relevant patent.  Beating successful technology companies with patent infringement lawsuits already has a pejorative term associated to it. Patent trolling the term used to refer to the milking successful companies by those claiming patent infringement.

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Why Windows Vista Sucks

Never before has there been so many so resistant to upgrade to a new version of Windows. Even in the year since the release of Windows Vista even many most corporate IT executives and managers are holding off on Windows Vista. Even many of those who bought Vista outright or bought a computer running the new operating system state some dissatisfaction with Windows Vista. One of the common annoyances is that computers running Windows Vista are slower than a similar PC running Windows XP.

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What Will it Take for Apple TV to be Successful?

If the success of a technology company is measured by creating products emulated by their competitors then Apple is the most successful technology company in the past decade. Even though Apple’s market share for their computers hasn’t gone past the single digit percentage, they have forced PC manufacturers to abandon the boring beige boxes that they made before Apple introduced the original iMac in 1998. In 2001 Apple started on their way to dominating the digital music player market when they introduced the iPod.  Even in the past year the introduction of the iPhone revolutionized the cell phone market even though it’s only available on one carrier in the United States.  One product from Apple that is languishing is the Apple TV. The device designed to play shows downloaded from the iTunes store. The Apple TV has been suffering with very poor sales since it’s introduction.

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Canada's Upcoming Copyright Fight

Copyright law is considered to be a dull matter that most don’t bother thinking that it matters to them. Current copyright law was brought into existence in the days before everybody got connected to the Internet. Copyright law as it applies to online content has been determined by a patchwork of judicial decisions. Proposed changes to Canada’s copyright legislation could potentially change how people use their computers, record and playback TV shows, just about every way people use technology could be in for legislated change and not for the better.

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The Worst PC's Ever Made

A favorite discussion among car enthusiasts is the great lemons produced by car makers though out automotive history. There have been many lively discussions about AMC Pacers and Gremlins or Ford Pintos. Like the major (and not so major) automotive companies have produced models that they and the driving public would rather forget, the computer manufacturers have produced their share of lemons. Here’s a list of PC models that should have never occupied space on desks.

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Broadcast Radio going Digital

Radio is the one technology that has remained fundamentally unchanged for close to a century. But like television, radio is going to make a transition to digital technology in the next years ahead. For the past couple of years Canadians have had the option to pay for a hundred channels of clear digital sound through satellite radio. The same digital sound quality is heading to free terrestrial radio.

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Revolutionary Tech Failures

Over the past decades a number of technologies have come along that are considered to be revolutionary, both in the adoption by the public and the effect on the lives of users. For every technology that changed the lives of users there are a few revolutionary flops. These technologies were developed from well intentioned ideas and hyped but didn’t find any acceptance in the market.

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