Windows Fundamentals For Legacy PC's

Windows Vista has been getting so much hype since it’s release at the beginning of 2007 but it’s not the only new version of Windows that has been released in the past year. Unknown to almost all computer Microsoft released a new version for corporate computers called Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PC’s not to be bigger and "better" but to be smaller and lighter. Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PC’s is designed for use on Pentium II and III based computers that originally came with Windows 95, 98 NT 4.0 or Millennium Edition. Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PC’s is sold only to corporations with tens of thousands of these older computers that are too expensive to replace in a single shot even for major corporations.

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Windows Live Mail

For many years the default choice for non-web based e-mail for home computer users their default e-mail client software has been Outlook Express. People end up using Outlook Express because it comes with Windows and they simply never think that there may be a better program for reading and writing e-mail. Despite the popularity by default of Outlook Express, Microsoft has been accused of neglecting it. Microsoft has responded and a long needed replacement for the Outlook Express has arrived. Windows Live Mail is now available for download for free from the Microsoft web site.

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Sony MZ-NF610 MiniDisc Player

In my search for a portable music player with the features that I wanted, I was coming up short of getting what I wanted so I had to take a sort of leap backwards. I went onto e-bay and got a portable minidisk player/recorder. I wanted an AM/FM radio so that I could listen to my favorite news/talk station while on the bus ride to work and during lunch break I could listen to my tunes from my computer. I ended up getting a Sony Net MD Walkman MZ-NF 610. Net MD is Sony’s method of taking audio files from computers and loading them onto MiniDiscs.

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