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Spammer Jokes Places in Iraq to find the WMD's Rejected Saskatchewan license plate slogans
The Downward Trajectory of the career of Britney Spears    

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Bambi's Revenge A couple of rednecks get their beer stolen The untimely demise of Big Bird
A bowling pin in therapy A kid sees his brain on drugs I-75 isn't the bunny trail
An embarrasing moment that all Chia Pet owners face A classical music roadie Jeffory Dahmer reincarnated as a chicken
Guess who can't be bothered to stop and ask for directions And the dish ran away with the spoon... A different kind of dog show
A dog in therapy Mr Potatohead's drinking problem Don't click here if you really love elephants
Tickle me elmo Toddler faith healers Mothers are all the same even if they are flies
An important rule to remember before having a food fight Ever had a bad day that started when you forgot your keys? Mr. Potatohead's funeral
Even God has problems with his cable TV The original hang glider Hell's bingo hall
Don't click here if you are a fan of Hugh Grant A fire hydrant gets it's revenge Idiots in Hell
The Loch Ness mobster In the mafia elevator Somebody may already be a winner
What you never knew about the first moon landing Mr. Jones has an excellent therapist No miners allowed
Out of order When a parrot is for sale (real cheap) Mr. Potatohead's alternative lifestyle
Things go wrong at Mr. Potatohead's poetry reading Another cartoon about Mr. Potatohead A redneck's prized trophy on the wall
Even baby birds can be fussy eaters Guess who got pulled over Pull for service
Dogs putting on perfume A redneck computer store Little Red Riding Hood learns something shocking about her grandmother
Skydiving ends badly If you actually like snakes, don't click here The snowman mafia strike, or Frosty gets whacked
Sparkey gets a package Ming Dynasty take out food A redneck talk show
Teenage chickens crossing the road A test drive goes bad The Unabomber's toilet
Mike Tyson's punching bag Vampire chug a lug Zantok get's an anal probe
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