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Should You Dump Your Wireline Telephone

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The biggest trend in personal communications has been a shift away from traditional landline telephone service towards using a cell phone as the only phone that many people use.  Traditional wireline phones are seen as a device with limited useful purpose and a easy sacrifice to help households as a way to cut down expenses.

The choice to dump old fashioned analog telephone service comes down of a few factors, calling habits, lifestyle and financial situation.  Right away there are some who should never consider going with a cell phone exclusively: the elderly, disabled or have ongoing special medical needs, instant reliable access to 911 is essential a traditional wire line phone provides a higher degree of reliability than cellular still cannot.  When a person can make a 911 call even if they can't speak a 911 operator can still dispatch help if the call is made from a wire line telephone. 
University students, those most likely to leave traditional telephone service behind should reconsider going cell phone only if they are studying close to home.  The higher cost of long distance calls made on a cell phone should make the most financially challenged student studying away from home should still consider a wire line phone. 

For those who do not fit into those categories the choosing to get rid of the wireline phone service can save up to fifty dollars a month.  The actual saving found depends the basic monthly charge, the costs of extra features such as caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail if you subscribe to them.  One thing that can take away from potential savings is an upgrade to one’s cellular plan especially to add more daytime minutes.

Immigrants and refugees have a greater need to use international long distance, the higher cost to call out of country on a cell phone makes the seemly old fashioned wireline telephone attractive.  For the heavy long distance user who is still looking to save money that dumping wire line telephone service offers without handing any money saved right over to a cellular carrier may want to look at an Internet telephone service such as Vonage, Magic Jack, Net Talk, and many more just like it. Ranging from just a few dollars to around 29 dollars a month Internet based telephone services provide low cost or unlimited calling to most countries around the world.

People who subscribe to high-speed Internet from the incumbent telephone company are going to be in quite a fight when they go to drop wire line phone service but keep Internet service.  Telephone companies are required to offer something called dry loop DSL.  When the phone company puts up a fight to get you to keep the old fashioned analog telephone service just quote the promotional deals competing ISP's are offering.  If the telephone company realizes that they could lose a customer altogether they will probably let you drop the analog phone service and keep selling you Internet service

Incumbent telephone companies charge as much as they do for wireline service is because it is still a profit driver that subsidizes newer services such as subscription TV and fiber to the home Internet that telcos are seeing little profit if any they get from these newer offerings.  If the telephone company is still unwilling to unbundle home phone service and provide just DSL Internet service then it’s time to say goodbye to telephone company altogether, cable providers are much more willing to sell high speed Internet service by itself. 

Getting rid of an existing landline or not getting one if your just heading out on your own for the first time is an excellent way of saving money.  Due to certain circumstances some people face it’s not an option everybody has.


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