Places in Iraq to find the WMD's 




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1. Under Saddam’s mattress (Actually that’s where the pornography of mass destruction is stored)

2. Better get a shovel, the WDM’s are buried somewhere in the sand

3. In the basement of the Baghdad palace, in the basement beside the bag of moustache clippings.

4. In the stable, under the pile of camel droppings.

5. In the cave where Osama Bin Laden is hiding.

6. Available at any Iraqi 7-11 store right beside the jerky.

7. Find Saddam’s harem, lift a few skirts, there’s the weapons of mass destruction.

8. Any outhouse behind a Taco Bell in Iraq is a weapon of mass destruction.

9. Find Saddam, under the beret is the toupee of mass destruction

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